Reformer. grading in a short amount of time

Reformer is the most famous tool of the Pilates method. It is a rolling platform that simulates a bed, it is equipped with adjustable resistance springs and provides a variety of ergonomic exercise positions. The variety in exercise rotation offered by Pilates Reformer helps to get flat abdominals, tight legs and toned thighs in a relatively short period of time.

Pilates STICK. respiration, body posture, balance

It is a wooden bar with a moderate resistance spring. The program is designed for matwork training, giving traditional exercises extra tension and exercises that are usually performed in heavy equipment (Tower). The Pilates Stick exercises emphasize breathing, orthosomy and improved balance.


It is used as a Recovery Method by providing substantial help to those who have specific health problems. This is a safe and gentle method, which is the perfect choice for people who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries, have a post-operative phase, suffer from osteoporosis, neck, spine or knee pains, as well as women during the pregnancy and lactation.