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Aerial yoga


The Aerial Yoga method is performed with the help of a special sail (6 meters long and 2 meters wide, it is like the one used in aerial acrobatics).

Yoga exercises are also performed in conjunction with acrobatic movements. Aerial Yoga exercises and aligns the body, relaxes the joints and helps to correct musculoskeletal problems.

Offers muscle strengthening, exercising the abdomen, shoulders and arms.

It contributes to the correct posture of the body through gravity.

Performs deep stretching and muscle release

Helps decompress the vertebrae, oxygenates the brain, nourishes the cells and relaxes the heart).

Improves mood as upside down postures help regulate hormones.

Helps reduce fears and gain confidence.



Ευα Καρακουδη V.A. FITNESS HOME

Eva Karakoudh

Certified yoga instructor and member of the World Yoga Alliance (RYS-200). She systematically started her practice on a daily basis in the traditional method of ashtanga yoga in 2013. In 2016 he started teaching “vinyasa yoga” and “ashtanga vinyasa yoga” in group classes but also as a personal trainer. Her teaching is based on the science of yoga as a holistic path to inner peace and harmony in relation to everyday life.

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    Eva Karakoudi