Make a gift to yourself by enjoying the benefits of quality and systematic exercise and discover the inner strength, balance and harmony of human nature.

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γυμναστήριο pilates

Pilates Mat

pilates mat

Pilates Mat

In the Mat Pilates class you will learn all the basics of Pilates. Neutral spine, an active nucleus, stability of the shoulder and pelvis curve, proper articulation of the spine, full breathing, working with resistance – all, integral elements of Mat Pilates.

Muscular strengthening

Functional muscle action

Improving balance and posture

Better body awareness and movement

Relieves problems in the waist, neck or shoulder girdle.

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Βαρδης Ασκοξυλακης V.A FITNESS HOME

Vardhs Askoxylakhs

Graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of Serres 2005 of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a postgraduate degree in Physical Education and Sports Science, exercise and quality of life. PhD candidate at the University of Crete in the department of preventive medicine.

  • 38
  • 152 lbs
  • 11' 1``

Event Hours(2)

  • Monday

    08.40 - 09.40

    Vardis Askoksylakis

  • Wednesday

    08.40 - 09.40

    Vardis Askoksylakis