Aerial Pilates Feel the Sense of Freedom

Aerial Pilates Method is carried out with the help of a special sail (6 meters long and 2 meters wide, is like the one used in aerial stunts). Pilates exercises are also performed in conjunction with acrobatic movements. Aerial Pilates trains and aligns the body, relaxes the joints and helps restore musculoskeletal problems. Using special sails (garments) incorporates the element of levitation and fun in a different way of training for all ages and all levels: 

  • It provides muscle strengthening, exercising of the abdomen, shoulders and hands. 
  • It contributes to the correct posture of the body through gravity. 
  • It deeply distributes the muscle tension and releases it. 
  • It helps to decompress the vertebrae (since the pelvis is held high and there is no weight of the pelvis and feet), it oxygenates the brain, nourishing the cells, resting the heart).
  • It improves our mood as the back positions help regulate hormones.
  • It helps to reduce fears and gain self-confidence.

This type of exercise is for everyone, regardless of age