Ashtanga Yoga

For many the most complex, difficult and demanding form of yoga exercise but also the most beautiful and rich in benefits. We achieve overall fitness improvement, increase our strength and reach enviable flexibility quite soon with the commitment to regular exercise. initially, however, it is a respiratory exercise and therefore a cardiotonic.The challenge in Ashtanga Yoga is to apply your breathing well and to concentrate to control body temperature, to be in a continuous flow so that you can apply all your strength to the muscle groups required by each position and with each exhale to just relax these muscles. This is how you work every morning, you go a little further with each inhalation and relax with exhalations. When you achieve these balances and the good flow of the program, you feel comfortable with the position, that you achieve it more comfortably, you are constantly improving, the whole program is completed without realizing it, you enjoy it, having succeeded in opening the breathing capacity, your body, you have strengthened all your muscles and at the same time have relaxed the muscle joints which are needed to be agile, have passed the concentration on your body that lasted almost two hours, you have done all the program of Ashtanga Yoga, you feel happy, you feel beautiful.