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Κορονοϊός γυμναστήριο

COVID – 19

From13/9/2021 to 31/3/2022, as announced by the Government, you will be able to enter our gym:

  1. With vaccination certificate (14 days after the 2nd dose)
  2. With disease certificate (up to 6 months from diagnosis)
  3. With a negative result of laboratory rapid antigen test up to 48 hours before

Rapid tests are performed in private diagnostic laboratories, private clinics, pharmacies or a private doctor.

You should be aware that a necessary condition for the issuance of the rapid test certificate is the registration of the result in the Register of patients COVID-19 of IDIKA SA by the laboratory that performed the test.

⦁ The necessary authentication of the certificate of vaccination, disease, negative test and identity, will be made at the entrance of our gym with the application covid-free app. So, you should Every time you visit the gym you have with you the certificate you have, either printed or stored on your mobile

From Monday, September 20, 2021, the locker rooms of the gyms will operate according to the following rules:

  • The capacity is set at 1 person per 15 sqm
  • The use of 50% of sprinklers (shower) is allowed
  • It is forbidden to use the sauna where it exists.
  • Mandatory use of KN95 or FFP2 mask instead of double mask in public areas.

The following precautionary measures continue to apply:

. Mandatory use of a mask, while waiting in the gym and in all common areas of the gym (in the reception areas, waiting rooms, locker rooms, lifts) and during exercise.

  1. Athletes can wear either a double mask or a single mask KN95 or FFP2.
  2. Athletes who do aerobic exercise may not wear a mask only if there is a minimum distance of three meters from other athletes.

iii. Athletes with severe respiratory problems should avoid strenuous aerobic exercise.

Exempted from the mandatory use of a mask only during the execution of their training program, athletes who have a certificate of illness (last 6 months) and vaccination (and have passed 14 days from the date of the 2nd dose), which should be shown to the reception staff upon entry.

Use hand hygiene before and at the end of exercise as well as before moving to another gym.

. Application of rules of social distance (2 meters) and avoidance of social contacts, hugs and handshakes, in the gym.

Χρήση The use of a towel is mandatory on all workouts. Suggested dimensions 50 × 70 cm.

. It is recommended that members have a pair of sports shoes exclusively for use on the gym premises, which they will not use outside the gym area.

Recommendation for the use of individual exercise equipment if possible by their size (eg balls, rubber bands, mattresses)

Recommendation for washing clothes and towels, used in the gym, in the washing machine with common detergent at high temperature (60οC)